The community platform for community members and managers to connect and grow

Maximise the value from your community using data based insights for you.


Make smart decisions for your community using data based insights

Use Clique to manage your community activity based on what works well, and what your community is looking for.

Create value within your community by sharing knowledge and connections.

Personalised home area for each community member

We make sure each community member is presented with the best opportunities for them. 

From job posts, events, people they should get to know and more, no opportunity will be missed using Clique.

Give your members the best networking tool

We make finding valuable connections within your community easy. Our people search allows community members to search for connections with other members, based on skills, superpowers, and more. 

Community members can connect with automatically with each others, or request introductions to community partners.

Showcase opportunities for your community

Give your members access the best opportunities by posting them in the opportunity area.


Whether it’s events, jobs, requests or something special, members and managers can display them to the community. We will make sure no opportunity is missed by notifying members of the best opportunities for them.

Engage community members through discussion

Give your community members a great place to discuss hot topics in public or private groups. 

Gain insights to what your community is talking about.

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