Clique Use Cases

Elevate your community with Clique

Alumni Communities

Manage your alumni communications and opportunities in one place

Alumni Communities

  • Gain insights of who your community members are, and what interests them

  • Organize group discussions by cohort, faculty, or any other segment of your choice

  • Publish opportunities for your community

  • Post offline events‚Äč

  • Give members smart networking opportunities

Networking Events

  • Manage speed dating for attendees

  • Curate smart round tables for meaningful discussions

  • Give attendees smart networking opportunities

Professional Communities

  • Provide members with a place to discuss trending topics in your field

  • Promote industry events relevant to your members

  • Post job opportunities

  • Give members smart networking opportunities

Professional Programs

  • Provide participant with a place to connect with each other and community partners, mentors, etc.

  • Follow up activities with discussions 

  • Encourage collaboration between participants

  • Share content with your community

  • Post program events and news

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